Q. When is the entry submission due? 

A. No later than Tuesday, 20 November by 12.00 GST. Please note, no submissions will be accepted after the designated deadline. 

Q. Who is eligible? 

A. All Applicants must be living, working and/or studying in a country which is a member of the Gulf Co-Operation Council. Entrants must be age 16 or over. Applicants must be capable and available to participate in the realisation of their design submissions within the designated project timeframe. 

Q. Do you accept entries from more than one artist working as a collaborative team?

A. We welcome artist collaborations made up of more than one artist, however please note the award and related expenses must be shared amongst the team.

Q. When will the winner be announced? 

A. The winner and four (4) shortlisted artists will be announced in January 2019. 

Q. Does it cost anything to enter? 

A. No, there is no entry fee. 

Q. What information do I need to submit? 

A. Your contact details must be provided. 

Your signed agreement to the Terms & Conditions must be provided. 

Your signed submission checklist must be provided. 

Each entry can include images/information in JPEG, PNG or PDF format. 

Each entrant must photoshop their art proposal onto the three different wall images provided. 

Each entry must include a written narrative explaining your entry and a little bit about yourself. 

Q. Will the winning artist receive any prize money? 

A. The winner will receive a AED 50,000 award. In addition, installation expenses will be provided to be utilised in the realisation of the artwork. 

Q. What if I don’t live in Dubai? 

A. If you are successful, we will arrange accommodation during installation for any artist who does not live locally. 

Q. What size is the wall? 

A. The overall dimension of the wall is 11 metres (high) x 53 metres (wide). The wall is constructed of concrete with a rendered finish. 

Q. Where is the wall and can we visit it before entering the competition? 

A. The area surrounding the wall is still under construction, however the wall is clearly visible from Al Sa'ada Street.

Q. Will the winning mural installation be permanent? 

A. The winning entry will be on display for a minimum of 1-year. 

Q. Can we submit more than one entry? 

A. Each artist can submit up to a maximum of two (2) entries. 

Q. What are the judges looking for? 

A. Please see the Artist’s Brief in the Submission Guidelines.

Q. What if I have never painted a large-scale wall before? 

A. We completely understand that many artists have never worked to this scale. We welcome your entry and encourage participation. 

Q. Will we be provided with assistance in painting the wall if successful? 

A. We are working with a professional team who will be providing scaffolding and assistance. 

Q. Can we use different mediums other than paint on the wall?

A. We are open to exploring different mediums and welcome other proposed options. Please note, if your work is selected as the winning entry, the materials would need to comply with site restrictions, weather conditions, health & safety, etc and the artist would need to provide a clear installation plan, budget and method statement in advance.

Q. Will our entries be viewable to the public? 

A. All entries will be kept confidential until the winner and shortlisted entries have been announced in January 2019. We will only display the winning and shortlisted artists. 

Q. What if I will not be available to fulfil the commission in the early part of 2019? Is it possible to paint the wall at a later date? 

A. No, as part of the submission guidelines, we will only accept entries from artists who are available in the timeline provided. 

Q. Do I need a VISA to travel to Dubai if I am successful? 

A. All entrants must ensure they are able to travel to the UAE prior to entering the competition. 

Q. What are the Terms & Conditions? 

A. Please see the Terms & Conditions on our website. We require that you agree to the Terms & Conditions prior to entering the competition.


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